First look at Project ARA prototype

project-ara-conceptProject Ara is Google’s Most ambitious Project for bringing up Modular phone, A phone in which user can actually replace its parts like processor, display, camera and lot  more to it. It’s recent prototype named spiral, spiral’s first look seems quite promising and soon its 2nd version will be shown in conference. Seeing its amazing prototype,you will be caring a phone in near future because it actually boots,whose part can be replaced just like a battery replacement. Enough of talks, let’s have a sneak preview in future phone prototype. .

Project ARA is all about you

The smartphone is one of the most empowering and intimate objects in our lives. Yet most of us have little say in how the device is made, what it does, and how it looks. And 5 billion of us don’t have one. What if you could make thoughtful choices about exactly what your phone does, and use it as a creative canvas to tell your own story?

Project Ara – Actual Concept from Phonebloks

Phonebloks started the concept of reusing the components and reducing the electronic-waste, since every year millions of phone becomes just a waste because some of their parts get damaged such as display, sound, camera,,WiFi etc.

in current scenario, when a phone gets damaged, only a few percentage of people get it repaired. Mostly people just buy the latest smartphone, Now imagine a future where you can get latest WiFi device without even changing the phone or you can upgrade your camera just like that. let’s have a look at original concept which is turned into reality by Motorola project ara

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