Prove Your Humanity WordPress Issue Resolved

If you are visiting this page than you must have faced the similar login issue, where you have been asked to prove your humanity by entering the maths captcha as shown in below picture

Prove your humanity wordpress Login Issue

Prove your humanity wordpress login Issue

This issue can be fixed quite easily so just follow the below steps and you won’t have to face it again.

Steps to Fix Prove Your Humanity WordPress Login Issue

  1.  Login to WordPress WP-Admin Panel
  2.  Open Jetpack settings as shown in below images. Jetpack Settings Jetpack Settings page
  3.  Search for Jetpack’s Protect module.

    Jetpack protect module

    Jetpack protect module

  4. Deactivate the protect module.
    Jetpack protect module deactivate

    Jetpack protect module deactivate


  5. Once you Deactivated it. you are done, Now you won’t have to face that captcha again. Share it with your friends so they too relax and login without facing the Prove Your Humanity.



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