#Shake In INDIA

Disclaimer: People with IQ less than 80 kindly directly scroll down to the Pictures below. This article’s intent is to be educational and we do not align with or against any political views/ parties. Kindly continue reading to open the pearly gates to heaven or as we call in the incognito mode… The Porn Mode.

When George Orwell wrote the book 1984 about a totalitarian government watching monitoring and controlling every movement of its citizens little did he know that the day shall come earlier than anticipated, with NSA and Echelon screening your data with a magnifying glass, gathering, categorizing, analyzing and manipulating the way we consume information, one more name can be added to the list. The Government of the largest democracy of the world, India.

We now live in a world where freedom of choice has become a laughable concept, rather the freedom of choice has been reduced to an illusion. we have over 500 channels to surf, over 50 flavors of ice creams to choose from but when it comes to choices which actually matter, we don’t get to vote on that.

My dear fellow porn connoisseurs and erotica lovers, if you are reading this, it means that your Internet Service Provider has also been bullied by the totalitarian government and your favorite Porn Sites have been banned too. There were no debates, no proposals presented, not even a hint of this atrocity.

A very powerful slogan was been promoted in the very recent past, MAKE IN INDIA. Well as much as we appreciate the sentiment, the recent actions begs an answer to the question, how can you make in India when you are not even free to shake in India. What one does to oneself within the four walls is none of his concern. Even the best of us, Superman wants his privacy in his fortress of solitude.

As they say where there is a will there is a way! Time and again it has been proven that whenever there has been suppression of free will of people there has been a revolution. This time its no different. This time the revolutionaries don’t wear uniforms, they don’t salute a particular flag neither do they wish to overthrow the regime. They simply want to be left alone to be with their angels of pornhub, xvideos and youporn.

How to Bypass the ISP ?

  1. Add the ZenMate Addon to Mozilla ( available for other browser too, but not tested)

    zenmate addon for firefox

    zenmate addon for firefox

  2. Click on ZenMate Addon

    select zenmate in firefox

    Click over Change Location

  3. Change Location to US
    zenmate addon for firefox select US location

    zenmate addon for firefox select US location


With any bit of luck you must have unlocked the pearly gates of heaven and might as well not be reading this, but if you are the kind of Porn Connoisseur that watches the porn to the very end then we just wanna wish you a very happy fapping and hope that you will not let this information die here and will share with other damned soul friends who have been driven to the point of desperation that they are even considering getting married.

With it this is your savior LoneManStanding signing out #Shake In India.

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