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Learning is an important part of our life and when it comes to System Administration it becomes essential t have at least an hour reading everyday, But from where ? may some time internet sometime books right? In this post am going to review the book Windows Server 2012 R2 Administrator Cookbook which i recently read and trust me it is a must have for Windows System Administrators.

What this book covers ?

The book covers the day to day tasks performed by the windows system administrators. Book is divided into the 11 chapters and each of them is describes some of your routine task and how you can improve your performance.

Chapter 1: Learning the Interface
Chapter 2: Core Infrastructure Tasks
Chapter 3: Security and Networking
Chapter 4: Working with Certificates
Chapter 5: Internet Information Services
Chapter 6: Remote Access
Chapter 7: Remote Desktop Services
Chapter 8: Monitoring and Backup
Chapter 9: Group Policy
Chapter 10: File Services and Data Control

Chapters i liked the most and why ?

  1.  Monitoring and backup : monitoring and backup are key tasks of an admin and this book covers them, it also covers the latest feature of windows server 2012 i.e. IPAM. IPAM is the auditing tool and it is so powerful that you can tell who used which system with specific IP address.
  2. Remote Access : till windows server 2012 VPN was the key to remote access of the services and servers but in windows server 2012 Microsoft improved another powerful tool named Direct Access as the name describes its feature it provides direct access to remote services and takes out the extra steps of VPN connection setup. This book covers the direct access and VPN setup all together in a detailed manner.

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