WordPress Reseting Htaccess File


if you are facing a situation where your .htaccess file is automatically getting reset to wordpress default htaccess code than there can be few reasons behind that.

  1. You have installed the security plugin which is preventing it from getting edited.
  2. your sites is either being hacked or it contains the corrupted nav-menu.php file under wp-includes directory.
  3. Wrong Permission

How to resolve this issue ?

  1. disable all the security plugins
  2. check if you can edt the .htaccess file now.
  3. if you still fail than replace the nav-menu.php file
  4. Now check again, 99% chance are that you will be able to edit it.
  5. for the rest 1% please contact your server Admin or before that try changing its permission through FTP or file manager.


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